IRELUZ has the compromise of a continuous improvement of the integrated management systems appropriate to the nature of the different services that we supply: “Design, production and distribution of decorative luminaires for indoor use and its accessories”

We will collaborate with our suppliers to let them know the impact of their process in the quality and environment also on the behaviour of the products that they provide to us, encouraging the improvement in their process and also their technical infrastructure for the appropriate working of our products.

With reference to our environment action we are aware of the importance of our actions in the protection and conservation of our environment. For this reason, to documenting, implementing and keeping this system on an suitably way, the company commits as following:

  • Accomplish and enforce all the requirements of the customer, including legal and statutory, and also other requirements of the organization related with environment aspects and those related with the quality of our process.
  • Establish and revise the objectives and targets for quality and environment, providing the necessary resources for the compliance of the policy.
  • To accomplish a regular monitoring of the appropriate development of the established system.
  • Accomplish a regular revision of the present policy, appropriate for the nature, magnitude and environment impact f its activities, products and services
  • Minimise the environmental impact of our activities and the prevention of the pollution, paying special attention in the correct management of our remains and an efficient management of the non renewable resources .
  • To publish this policy to all the employees who have responsibilities relatives to the accomplishment of the requirements of the policy and also to other interested parties and general public.